Financial Stress in the Workplace: 11 Unbelievable Stats

Financial stress in the workplace is a major threat to employee engagement and overall productivity.

Many companies are looking at financial well-being as a way to improve employee performance and employee satisfaction.

In this infographic, we’ve highlighted some key statistics on financial anxiety, which employees are living paycheck-to-paycheck, and the implications of financial stress in the workplace.

Employee Financial Stress in the Workplace Stats

Improving Financial Wellbeing & Employee Performance

Kashable is a financial wellness program that provides employees with immediate access to socially responsible, low-cost credit to help bridge the financial gap caused by personal emergencies and other times of hardship. Our loan program offers an intelligent alternative to 401(k) loans, credit cards, and pay advances.

By partnering with employers and receiving repayment through payroll, Kashable can offer employees with what’s typically their most competitive unsecured credit option in the market. With access to low-cost credit, employees can tackle costly, high-interest debt and avoid it in the future.

Kashable is transforming the way working America accesses credit with a mission to provide financing solutions that empower employees to take charge of their health, wealth and financial wellness. 

Learn how to reduce financial stress in the workplace

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